Apprenticeship Training

Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus our Open House will not be held May 7 2021.  We'll post the new date when the threat of Covid has passed.

On April 15th 2021 open registration to our Information Session will begin.  In order to take the Carpenters Exam you will need to sit in on our Information Session.  You will be asked to upload the following document:  Driver's License, Resume, Letter of Recommendation and HS diploma/GED/HS Transcripts.  Once documents are uploaded you will be given interview times to select from. When registration for session is complete you will receive a link to a Zoom call. For more information please check our Carpenters

Please join us for our Annual Contest and Open House for the Carpenters Joint Apprentice Committee being held on May 7, 2021 between 8:00AM to 5:00PM at our Apprentice School.  This is an opportunity to take a tour of our facility and see what our apprentices have leaned in their four years apprenticeship.

There will be trade shows exhibits and demonstration by our Apprentices.  Complimentary refreshments will be served throughout the day.  Come and enjoy.
If you are still in school and thinking of becoming a millwright, take classes in mathematics, drafting and mechanical drawing, metal shop, and welding. These classes will familiarize you with construction technology and help you develop dexterity and practical thinking skill that you will need as an apprentice millwright


There are 800 hours of classroom and shop instruction during four-year term of Apprenticeship. Apprentices learn the trade in two ways. First, they get on the job training working under the guidance of a skilled journeyman. Second, the apprentice attends school one day a week for formal specialized training. Apprentice wages start at approximately one-half of the journeymen's scale and receive pay raises every six months.

Shop Instruction for Millwrights includes: Hand Tools, Portable Power Tools and Equipment Safety; Reading and Using Measuring Tools including: Micrometer, Vernier Calipers and Scales; Layout Skills; Drilling; Tapping and Reaming Holes; Lathe and Surface Grinder Operations; Precision Leveling; Optical Tooling; Alignment of Rotating Machinery using Dial Indicators and Laser Systems; Bearing Installation and Service; Coupling Installation; Conveyor Installation; Pump and Compressor Maintenance; Monorail Installation; Turbine Maintenance; Welding including: MIG, TIG, and Shielded Metal Arc.


The school address is:


Carpenters Apprentice School of Philadelphia and Vicinity

10401 Decatur Road

Philadelphia, PA 19154



All inquiries about the Millwright Apprenticeship should be directed to Brandon Barrett.  Or link to:

Philadelaphia Apprenticeship Application and Testing click here.  Apprentice Exam  

Allentown Apprenticeship Application and Testing click here. Apprentice Exam