Millwright Local 219 

    Previously Local 1906    

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1013 Centre Road Suite 301

Wilmington, DE 19805

   Office Number 215-569-2558

  Fax Number 215-569-1077


Senior Reginal Director: John Reape

Council Representative: Brian Miller

Council Representative: Joe Poeta

Council Representative: Stephen Verroccio

Council Representative: John Demyanovich

Millwrights are craftsmen who focus on Industrial America. Millwrights installed the production line, which built your automobile, as well as built and maintain the refineries, which provide fuel and lubrication for it. Millwrights may not have built your home, but they did install the turbines and generators which provide electricity for it, and they built and installed the production lines for many of the packaged foods in your pantry. Millwrights also built the waste water treatment facilities, and refuse incinerators for your home waste products. In short, Millwrights help to drive the economy by keeping the machinery of America running.

Since 1954, Millwright and Machinery Erectors Local Union 1906 have been installing and maintaining machinery in the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas.  We offer expertise in all areas of machinery installation, repair and maintenance.

On February 03 2016, the Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters and all locals under it's jurisdiction were disbanded and merged into the Northeastern Regional Council of Carpenters. Local 1906 merged with Local 219 as mentioned in the letter from Michael Capelli.  For more information please read, Letter from Eastern District V-P Michael Capelli. 


Please click here to see Union Millwrights at work to get a better understanding of what we are trained to do.

Millwrights at work


We will be opening Information Sessions on November 14, 16, and 18 at 9:30 in the morning.  To register for any of these dates call the JAC at 215-824-2300 for the Zoom link.

We are proud and pleased to have three members give a demonstration of virtual welding and explain the benefits of our apprenticeship to the President of the United States.  To view video please click on demonstration.  Demonstration 


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